Made of Paper Mache and ready to be painted 

Have your jewelry in a fun frame hung in your house

Make a unique Sign for your room 

Amazing addition for your home decor

Make fun Bracelets, Necklaces or rings

We have a few options: Rocket, Llama, Pineapple, Cactus, Dog and Ice cream

Get crafty with over 50 different Punches

Use watercolors to decorate a paper lantern and give your room a great addition

Pick your color, scent and other add on's and get slimy 

This is Just part of what you can find in this Kit, make whatever pops into your mind! Really Popular Kit!

Paint your own Family, Or an imaginary family.

Sketching is not usually supposed to be the final Work, but here it is which is so Fun!

Make a Necklace, Keychain or just a random Pattern

Knock before entering, Room service needed Mommy or just plain Enter with Kisses :)

This smooth texture is loved by everyone

Thank you, Happy Birthday, Congrats and more

Such an easy and fun project!

Make your own Journal

Design a one of a kind Fairy house

We have a few books for you to check out a design you want to make

Decorate your own Picture frame, Great gift for a loved one

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